2 or 3 Updates–about My Campus Apostolate

The campus ministry is going pretty good right now. We got about twelve men’s bible studies. Probably the same amount for the women, probably a few more.

We’re still feeling the effects of SEEK2013, you say how?


We’re growing in bible studies, Justin just picked up another one. Three out of four of my student leaders that I’m directly over have Bible Studies, we’re working on a bible study for the other one. We’re working on a bible study for one of my student leader’s student leaders.

We’re growing in disciples, we’re asking many many many people into discipleship of Jesus Christ, but also asking men into what we call focus student leaders.

We have new hires on campus. Basically that means we have students we have hired to become focus missionaries, nationally. So they’ll be doing what I am doing, next year. Some will be student interns next year, which they’ll be working next year. They’ll graduate in December work on campus as a missionary for a semester after they graduate.


Men’s Outreach is starting up. You might ask, “how?”

I set up a board of directors, kind of like it’s individual outreach. even though it is what I am particularly involved in; I think it would be good to have input from other people.

How are we going to do with that. We’re going to do different men’s activities. Feats of strength, juggling babies, cards, eating, hiking, camping, fishing. We’re going to be doing distinctly masculine activities to attract men and hopefully the men here are men enough to want to do masculine activities.

But there are other activities that they may not associate with masculinity. We’ll be showing them how they are actually masculine.

You may ask what would that be? Prayer and mortification.

Along with going to play billiards, going and playing cards with the guys, or whatever it may be. Rock climbing and climbing to a the highest summit, which I think is like 12 feet in missouri. After that we’re going to pray, and hold vigils, and we’re going to fast. We’re going to have mortification. Give things up to, not only, grow the kingdom but also to help with temporal needs.


Delta Chi, I’ve been heading more and more into hanging out with these guys as the year has progressed.

I don’t have much I can tell you about it, but I do have some inroads with the fraternity. With prayer and mortification this will come about. So, please offer up your prayers and mortifications for my ability to evangelize and insert myself into Delta Chi.


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