The Lede


5 More Things No One Knows Are Ridiculously Catholic, But Should

I’m beginning to develop the belief that you could give me just about anything at all and I could link it to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. And yes, that’s a combox challenge.


The Filioque proved in Revelation 22:1

The other day I decided to look into the Filioque – the part of the Nicene Creed that says the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father “and the Son” – and as I was casually looking at how the Greek term “proceeds” is used in the New Testament, I came across a fascinating verse in Revelation 22:1.


Do You Have a Heresy Checklist? – Here it is

Perhaps the best way to learn the truth about the person and natures of our Lord Jesus Christ is to learn how the ancient heresies got it wrong.


Party On! (It’s Okay–It’s Biblical!) – Part 1

Postmodern man– and postmodern woman– doesn’t know how to give a good party. It’s up to us Catholics to reclaim this lost art and share it with the world.


Was Mary Saved?

A Protestant friend of mine related his struggle with the Catholic view of Mary’s sinlessless, because Mary herself expressed that she needed a Savior, in Luke 1:46-47, when she proclaimed at the start of the Magnificat, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”


5 Simple Steps to Get Your New Year Off to a Great Start

Whether or not I write a detailed list of resolutions, I always use this day as an opportunity to get things in order so that the new year starts off smoothly.


The Catholic Economy and the “Charity” Crutch

Why are so many catholic services these days sub-par?



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