How to Create a Brilliant Evangelization Strategy in 5 Steps

Jesus’ Great Commission? You know, “go and make disciples of all nations”? Well, as a disciple of Jesus, as an ambassador, you are called to fulfill this commission. Doing this process is quite extensive, but simple.

The end of this article you will be able to create an evangelizing strategy because you have learnt the five simple steps below. This is the first part of evangelizing: developing the relationship.

FOCUS' Curtis Martin with Evangelist

Curtis Martin & Four Evangelists

Step #1: Identify the warm bodies…

Your network of people (friends, friends of friends, &c.) is massive. Though you might not quite know how big it is, it is still quite extensive for what you’re trying to do.

Not all of them are your prospects, you’re not going to evangelize everyone. For one, you can’t and the second…some people are not ready. Re-read that…they are not ready. You may have the opportunity to tell them the good news one day, but today may not be it.

Further, we need to define because without an idea of what your prospect is, you’ll get cluttered and won’t focus on your goal. Making disciples.

1. Figure out who your ideal person is, the basic traits they should have is being an influencer and they are willing to influence the people around them. You’ll also want to specify what those people are.

You’re an engineer student who rock climbs and hikes. You have several things to work with, you’re ideal person maybe engineering students, rock climbers, and hikers. You can narrow that down, but this gives you a ton of people to work with off the bat.

2. Figure out where they are located at. You need to hang out with them. Set up times to rock climb, set up hikes on the weekend, go get a beer after a hard test, &c. Figure out where else your people are hanging at? Do they have a Facebook group, are they on Twitter, Foursquare, blogs? Find out and…

3. Search them out. Continue to hang out with them and communicate with them. Have you ever had a random person roll up and start asking personal and private questions. You find it awkward? That’s because it’s not polite.

Step #2: Establish conversation

Pope Benedict being Ambassador par excellence

Ambassador par excellence

Best way to establish a conversation. Help them, recommend something, or buy them lunch, drink, beer, wine, help them with homework, &c. I don’t care how you do it, find your own way or use the ones above.

Communicating one-on-one is really the best way, but you’ll probably be hanging out in a group at first. But, eventually bring your conversation to a one-on-one level.

Ultimately you’ll want to make your conversation to be a frequent conversation. I don’t know how often this will be, I talk to my guys once a week up to every day.

The point is for you to establishing a frequent one-on-one conversation with your prospect.

Step #3: Gain a closer relationship

You can always grow your network, your friends, the areas you hang out, your phone book. But, you need to engage these prospects. It does no good to have a 1000 people in your contact book if you don’t talk to any of them. You are better off if you have ten dudes in your phone and you contact all of them once a week.

Now, it’s definitely a lot easier than it used to be. You have social media, cell phones, twitter, Facebook, and old fashioned social clubs.

Building rapport can be as simple as talking about Catholicism, engineering, rock climbing, &c. whatever they are interested in them. I’d recommend right now a book called Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki.

You can also build rapport by hanging out and getting a beer, going out with a group to dinner and a show. And, again you need to have repeated conversations to earn his trust.

St Paul Evangelizing

St Paul Evangelizing with a Sword

Step #4: Develop an actual mentorship

You gotta understand, you can talk to someone everyday, but that doesn’t mean you have a relationship. The more you talk, the more so you’ll form a relationship. Over thousands of interactions you build trust.

You can probably follow a multi-tiered path to develop a relationship with this dude. A friend uses this method:

  1. Meet prospect,
  2. Initiate conversation,
  3. Guide the conversation and go deeper,
  4. and then store and review information from conversation.

Remember too, the more popular you are the less time it takes for someone to trust you.

Step #5: Track value of the relationship

Think about the life of your prospect. The actual life of your prospect. Is he an influencer? How many friends does he have? Are they also social. When someone becomes Catholic, usually others around them become Catholic or return to the Church. When someone starts evangelizing, others around them start evangelizing. Why was St. Paul converted, because he had a following and he could influence others.

He also was a master (with grace) of being everything to every man. He converted whole towns, so much that people fought over who they were followers of and he had to teach them again that they are disciples of Jesus not the Apostle.


After this you should be on your way to finding your next disciple. This isn’t just someone you bring to Mass or Newman Night for free food. These are the people that actively study, pray, and work to bring others into the Church and back to their Mother.

There is more to asking people to be a disciple (and training them), but until then this will get you there and ready to ask them.

Each semester you should look to make a disciple. Every year, two disciples. This is spiritual multiplication, based on Jesus and the Apostles.


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