The Lede: Catholic Review of the Week

Bishop taking Siesta

I feel like taking a siesta, too Bishop, after all these carbs.

Does religion have authority or does conscious have primacy?

Stop going up during communion time for a blessing.

Is Christian Bale pro-life?

Heaven: sure hope or sure bet?


Religious authority vs. primacy of conscience (Part I)

Anthony religious authority and primacy of conscience, there are four parts to the series. Read them all.


Getting a blessing at Communion time. Fr. Z rants.

I have been blessed one or two times when I was waiting communion, quite awkward.


Actor Christian Bale roughed up attempting to see Chinese pro-life dissident

Batman and cares about babies?


Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild?

Do Christians have a sugar daddy in the sky? No, Catholics have a Monarch King.


New Female Doctor of the Church Coming!

And they say Catholics don’t respect the fairer sex.


Lying About Santa

Stop lying about Santa, after all he did punch Arias in face.


New Evangelization? Look to Fulton Sheen

Fulton Sheen, my favorite Catholic Evangelist.


Kreeft Captures Crowd With Quick-Witted Reality Check

Battle Plan? Fight the good Jihad!


Eight Ways of Looking at a Baby

Funny article! Check out the last way, now imagine it was baby Jesus…blows your mind.



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