The Lede: 7 Catholic Links You Can Use Daily

Cardinal with a rifle









Carmelite teaches you how to pray

Talking like Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Macy’s letting dudes into dudettes dressing rooms

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How should I pray when someone asks for my prayers?

When I was first asked to pray for someone it went like this, “God I pray for this person. Amen.” But, here is some better ways to praying than my original idea.


Pope says focus on Jesus, not pre-Christmas distractions

“Pope Benedict XVI reminded Christians not to be dazzled by the shopping lights of the season” …and, I agree: it is still obviously Advent. You don’t have Mardi Gras in Lent.


Pope confirms trip to Cuba, Mexico before Easter

I wish I could go to Cuba! Bring me Papa B!


How to Give a Talk Like Fulton Sheen

I listen to him before bed, and I steal all his woman jokes for use later. Don’t hate the player. Literally don’t hate, he’s gonna be a saint.


“But you’re even nice to the dishwasher…”

Do you have the cajones to do the same? I wonder if he was Catholic?


Really, Macy’s? Men in women’s fitting rooms?

Speechless. Fact. As I am dictating this post.


10 European Catholic Movers and Shakers

I’m diggin’ Mother Verónica María Berzosa. She’s pretty gangster and she’s pretty. Great witness to young people.



I do what I want! (I heard Augustine say something like this once).



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