The Lede: Catholic Review

Welcome, comrades. This is the Lede.

At the end of each week I will post for your benefit links pertaining to Catholicism and being Catholic that I have dug up and found most interesting for your sake.

Rituals, practical advice, current events within the Catholic faith, &c.

There will be no commentary on my part, just a list of headlines that you can quickly scan or read. And, a picture of something very Papist.



You wish your breakfast looked like this.









Catholic and Gay by Mary

A canonical comment on Newt’s oddball remark by Dr. Edward Peters

Gingrich Restates Pro-Life Views, Says Life Begins at Conception

Saying No: The Essential Gesture of Stewardship by Jennifer Fulwiler

Adultery as Links in a Chain (St Gregory of Nazianzus) by Taylor Marshall

Our Heritage of Beauty by Brad Miner


P.S. Because this is a new thing I am trying, any suggests are welcome.


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