Become Wise as a Serpent

God commands us to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Paradoxical bunch we are. We forgive the unforgivable, yet we are more severe than before (the OT, I mean).

The God of the Philosophers is the Christian God, but at the same time, he is wholly the God of Faith, as well. To go for one is to be pagan and the other is to be Socrates. We are neither, for our God is truth, and we have piety to boot.

To be pagan is to have a god that is not truth, but custom. And to be Socrates is to see God as he is but not to recognize him, as Socrates saw God as the Goodness that dictated the rest of the gods; nevertheless, Socrates lacked piety, and so did the rest of the philosophers.

The Christian is different; our God is not a god of custom, but Truth. But, he requires more than for us to recognize him, he requires the piety of the pagan or better yet the Jew.

Being Christian is not easy; there are 1000 angles to fall down, but only 1 angle to stand. If you latch on to faith, you become pious to custom, detached from truth. If you latch on to reason, you become the atheistic philosopher. If you dilute the two and meet in the middle, you will be lukewarm. The only way to live…is to latch onto both, at the same time. Complete faith, complete reason; anything else makes you a heretic or lukewarm.


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