Here is a Method That is Helping Pope Benedict to Pray

Ever struggled with your prayer life? You might think you have a wonderful prayer life, but do you pray every hour of every day, now? That is what I thought. By the end of this article, you’ll be a better Ambassador, all because with a greater prayer life you will know better the mind and will of the Lord.

An ambassador, representing the Kingdom and his Lord, will have good knowledge of his Lord’s mind and will. To do this you need a theology degree or a deep prayer life (communication).

I’ll give you a hint, the latter is the supreme choice of the two.

Simple Begging

Who was healed by Jesus? The blind beggar. And, who saw Jesus better than those with sight to see Jesus? The blind beggar.

Though I do not suggest you become blind, I do suggest you become like him as a beggar to the Lord.

Groan for help to the Lord, on your knees, in desperation of God’s help or his Providence.

Invoke the Saints

There is nothing like having connections to the big man. But, having multiple connections that have connections to the big man is nothing to scoff.

Ask the saints for help. They will help you by praying for you, so that you may walk in their footsteps.

I advise curating a few relationships with different Saints. The three that B16 routinely prays to are St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Bonaventure.

Mother of God

Heavily rely on your mother, the Mother of God.

Nothing much beats asking your Mother, the Mother of Jesus for help. Those at the Wedding of Cana did it to incite Christ to perform his first miracle.

It is profitable today for your needs, as well. Sometimes I pray to her as I would talk to my mother, but sometimes I pray a Rosary as she gave it to us to pray. The Immaculate heart is another prayer that is a lovely prayer if you need help or your intentions.


As Catholics, we’re Eucharistic people.

The word Eucharist is a Greek word for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is what Jesus formed the Mass for, to be a thanksgiving to the Lord. That isn’t the only time we should give thanks to the Lord.

In your daily prayer, you should give thanks to the Lord.

Put it All Together

Though you may start off only praying for five minutes, which isn’t a bad idea when creating Catholic habits, this way of praying is not the least bit inferior. Obviously, since Pope Benedict XVI uses it for his daily prayer.

I suggest you use some kind of way of praying until you are mature in your prayer life to develop your own, or don’t. I am still praying how I was showed to pray since I was taught as a young child. The simpler the better.

Do you have a way that you pray? Do you have trouble with your prayer life? Put it into the comments and let everyone know.

Remember if you want to get a hold of me, hit me up on twitter @chrisorbuster.


2 thoughts on “Here is a Method That is Helping Pope Benedict to Pray

  1. I’d suggest after receiving the Eucharist to lay it all on the table and be completely honest about God, including what you don’t like about him. There is something you don’t like. Being honest to God is the key and I found that it deepened my spirituality. My Priest is very holy and deeply spiritual and always says to skip purgatory. It’s not egotistical to want to be a Saint.

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