The Two Most Important Facts in Apologetics

You want to know how to become a better apologist? Or, a better Ambassador? A better Catholic? After you have read this article, you will have become all those things because you have memorized and hold these two facts as Truth!

1. The Most Famous Catholic Book

What is it? The Bible.

Big shock? It is strange, but today some folks still think the Canon of Scripture, which we call the Bible, is a Protestant book, or something.

I am here to inform you it is not.

The Catholic Church had a Canon of Scripture before the Jews had their canon, which they rejected certain books they did not have in Hebrew including the New Testament. Here is a history lesson:

382 AD – Council of Rome: The Council declared Canon of Scripture, which includes 73 books in all.

393 AD – Council of Hippo: Council ratifies Canon.

397 AD – Council of Carthage: Ratified once again.

Catholic Bishops who held to the Catholic Creeds held all these councils.

1545 AD – Council of Trent: Ratified once again.

The three following dates 1563, 1647, and 1672 is the years that the Anglicans, Calvinists, and Eastern Orthodox (respectively) declared their Canon of Scripture. A whole millennium and some centuries after the authors had written the last books.

So, with that knowledge, what I am trying to relay to you is that not only does this mean you can use the Bible to prove Catholicism right, this means that you should read, pray, and study the Scriptures. I recommend one hour a day. 😉

2. Catholicism proven by Sola Scriptura?

Maybe, but that is for another time. However, you can prove the Catholic Church more than any other tradition with only the Bible.

So, Catholics can argue with other traditions that hold to the Bible. No need to be afraid. If someone shows you, a verse that someone thinks proves Catholicism wrong, tell him or her bluntly that you whole-heartedly agree and you believe every syllable, verse, chapter, and book of the Bible.

Then tell them, “I just do not agree with your personal interpretation of that piece of Scripture.”

Remember, the Bible is a Catholic original, how Catholic tradition can prove Catholicism wrong is beyond me. That is because the Catholic Church wrote it!


In a later article I will explain how someone can use scripture to “prove” the Catholic Church wrong (I’ll give you a clue, context).

But for now remember and hold these two facts as truth:

  1. The Bible is Catholic.
  2. Someone can prove Catholicism more than any other tradition from the Bible.

If you hold onto those two facts, and keep them close, your attempts at defending the hope you hold will be more fruitful.

Is there another truth about the Bible that apologists should remember when defending The Faith? If so, put in the commit box!

Remember if you want to get a hold of me, hit me up on twitter @chrisorbuster.


4 thoughts on “The Two Most Important Facts in Apologetics

    • Yes, please refer to the documents of the Council of Rome of 382, then the Councils of Carthage of 397 and 419, which accepted what was decided on by St. Augustine’s Synod of Hippo Regius, and then check out the Latin Vulgate which was commissioned by Pope Damascus in 383. Also, check out the letter to Bishop Exsuperius of Toulouse from Pope Innocent I. You’ll see the same list…all of them.

      What you’ll also notice is that St. Augustine, in his works, made it clear that he believed the Canon was closed, as well.

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