The Problem with Authority

Initial thoughts…

Everyone wants it, and no one has it. They think they poses it, no one wants to follow it. They lie about not wanting to follow it, and half the time they don’t follow real authority. True authority is just authority. If authority doesn’t teach truth, it is not just. Get over it. Those who think others have it are wrong. It is almost impossible to convince them of it. Even if you can, half the time they stopped listening to you.

If someone has authority it is not from them, it is from someone else. They learned it or authority gave authority to them. Demand people show you their authority, as not authentic authority is self-taught.

Who has authority…

Do you know who has authority? The Catholic Church. You know how I know they have authority, because they can historically prove they have authority succeeding from the Apostles who historically have authority from Jesus Christ and Jesus’ authority comes from the Father. Even Jesus explains that his authority is not his own, but the Father’s.

This is ultimately the reason why every and all protestant churches are false. They may hold to partial salvific truth…however, they do not have all of it and that is because they were not promised the Holy Ghost and thus no authority. There is a corporal body that holds monopoly of the truth, this used to be the Jews. Born from the Jews was a man named Jesus Christ, he came with the authority of God the Father and gave that authority to the Apostles to heal the sick and forgive sins. That corporal body that holds this monopoly on the truth is officially and currently referred to as the Catholic Church.

Knock on my door…

If you don’t like it, prove history wrong. Until then, when you knock on my door do not be angry when I ask by what authority you teach. If they asked Jesus that, why in the world would I not ask you that when you can potentially teach false things to me?


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