The Czar is Loyal to His Comrades

I have recently made, what seems as, my first blog friend. Not a friend that I know that blogs, but friend that I met through one of our blogs. I call him The Czar, and he is utmost loyal to his comrades.

I am a native to the internet, I have been on many a forum. One in particular, I have only continued to frequent for the politics and religious discussion debates arguments mud slinging, I admit I started going there before I was even a communicant of the Catholic Church. So, if you do find my account and find some unCatholic like posts, please be aware that I have turned away from the Way of Darkness (maybe I should just start a new account if I wish to post there). I have stopped going there at times because when I do, I have easily lost my Christian joy and charity.

Well, I was well surprised today to open up my Google Reader and find that the Czar had written a response to an unsettling comment by a poster there in reply to posting a link to The Czar’s article and my apologetics of the Catholic Church.

I wanted to post the reply The Czar of my Calvinist co-forumite (Tiribulus in black and The Czar in red):

Ok, I read around this Vandapool guy’s site for like the last 45 minutes. (several hours)  I had a fairly long response to the piece you linked, but decided not to post it because I don’t have the time (several hours) to challenge anyone and more importantly I felt that old immature prideful me trying to claw His way back. What an ignorant mildly entertaining clown LOL! I kept the post in case I change my mind which would take some time in prayer. (typical coward)

…I can’t force you [Bud] to receive what I say as I send it, but I will say again. There is not one single Catholic in this earth including Ratzinger I want as anything other than my brother or sister in Christ. However, when Jesus Christ descends from heaven with a shout that disgusting temple of baal is going up in flames in the blast of His nostrils. Yes I can hold firmly to both of those and your unwillingness to accept that is not my fault. (Temple of Ba’al?  Typical, mean, and stupid.  And did I mention stupid?  And stupid.)

…I go over there [Patrick’s blog] and here is this arrogant dismissive goofball peddling in a veritable cornucopia of caricatured misinformation and falsehood. (Coward–no correction, backup, or reference to anything specific.) Forget “low hanging fruit”, that would be an achievement for this guy. The fruit he’s lambasting is rotting all over the ground. He needs a bonk on the noggin from somebody with a bit of spiritual muscle. Just like captain vortex over there. I’m just not sure I’m the one to do it. It’s tough enough on me dealing with you guys over here. His personality is too much like mine. (not even close;  there’s a difference between satire/truth and hate/lies) I’d have to be continuously hanging around the neck of Jesus to keep from turning the mini gun his way (Internet roid rage).

…Do you even know what a burden is? Do you understand what I mean when I say that the Lord has burdened me for you? It means I long and ache to see Him move mightily in your life. It hurts, but it is my joy and my great privilege to hold you up to my Father in prayer. You HATE when I talk like this I know you do, but I’m telling you my friend from the depths of my heart that’s not why I do it. It’s not. You are part of a package of trials I’m in the middle of and probably will be for a while. Some parts are very personal and extremely trying (you have absolutely no idea). I may even tell you about them which would make everything I’ve trusted you with to this point seem trivial by comparison. (Insults the most important thing in Bud’s life, then spends an entire paragraph getting all drama-queen about his personal problems.  …Can’t imagine any reason why his life is a mess…)

…If you only knew how badly I don’t want to be believe that my whole Catholic family on my mother’s side is in hell. (Protestants are really good at playing God)  Not because they were Catholics, but because they were lost in sin and the false gospel of Rome (Stupid or ignorant Protestants repeat this line–Calling Catholicism “Rome” instead of Catholicism.  It is a way to imply that Catholics are pagans.) rather than saving them only served to confirm them in their sin. It is a house of idolatry Bud (Funny–the post that Tiribulus is SO worked up about, yet doesn’t have time to respond to, illustrates how Protestants call Catholics Idolaters). Not because of the this or that doctrine in particular, but the whole thing on every level. I believe you are seeking God there. I’m watching your conscience mature(more God delusion) and I really believe He is going to meet you, even there. When he does it’ll have little or nothing to do with me but He is gonna take you outta there even if it requires an apocalyptic disaster in your life to do it. Unfortunately I also think it’ll take a decade or two.

God bless you, Bud. 

Thank you comrade. And, continue to fight the good fight.

In charity,
Your comrade,

Chris IV


One thought on “The Czar is Loyal to His Comrades

  1. You have more charity than me–fo sho! You have more patience than me–fo sho! You also were able to answer questions in a “non-standard” way, which indicates to me that you understand and love the Faith–anyone can just repeat what all the apologetics books suggest, but you have a different/smart style. I’d think you were twice your age with how you behaved.

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