Happy Birthday!


So, in no particular order, I am listening everything I can think of that I love about ‘Merika:

Country and Western, drive in movies, the Duke, Clint Eastwood, Patriotism, Drive-thru, milk shakes, with fries, T-shirts, hamburgers, Amish, equality, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Budweiser, beer in a can, people that love the gospel, Chevy SS, football, baseball, UFC, T.S. Eliot, John Adams, black marching bands, community pools, Rib Eye Steak, chicken and gravy, home-made ice cream, Rocky Mountains, Appalachian mountains, beauty pageants, Las Vegas, the Rat Pack, Disney Land, radio preachers, optimism, rest stops, barbeques, Knights of Columbus, boating, pie and ice cream, Blues, Coke, the Grand Canyon, EWTN, Seton Family, friend chicken, freedom, entrepreneurs, AC, old movies, pro-life movement, gangster movies, and fresh shrimp.

Happy Birthday, ‘Merika!


One thought on “Happy Birthday!

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