6 Proven Behaviors of a Catholic Going Back to School

Imagine that by the end of this article, you will be a more devout Catholic going back to school or even if you are going to law school because you are working on these six behaviors and the specific reasons, why those behaviors are crucial.

Actually, most people can use these behaviors not just students. You can print them out for family and friends.

St. Louis Cathedral1. Go to Mass

You should go to Mass every Sunday and days of obligation because it is one of the five required tenets. You should also go to daily mass because you will be in the presence par excellence of God and you will stay focused on what is important, wisdom and how knowledge connects you with the Father.

When you are in the presence of Jesus, it gives you the strength to do unimaginable things.

If there is one thing I could do over starting my freshman year is going to daily Mass or Divine Liturgy. This allows one to stay focused on what you are at school for, that is wisdom.

Recommendation: Go to daily Mass one time per week.

2. Go to a Confession

You need to go to confession because the Church also requires it. Go to confession frequently because if you are sin you will have a tendency to sink deeper into sin.

Think for a second about the longer you go without confession the more and more you sin and the harder it is to stop. Think about when you happened to go to confession close to each other.

Was there a difference?

Recommendation: Confession every two weeks, or sooner if needed.

3. Volunteer

Volunteering is important because the Church commands us to do so. Not only that, but so does Jesus who the Church speaks for to the world. The Church teaches us that as Catholics we are to give time, money, and talents.

This is a great way for college students to become stronger in the virtue of charity. Unless you are sitting on a fat trust fund, you are likely not to have much money to give to the widows and orphans.

You can go work down at the food bank, or the women’s shelter. Alternatively, you can check out your local Catholic Charities to find a suitable place.

Recommendation: You should volunteer 30+ hours a semester.

4. Go on retreat

You should go on a retreat in order to slow down and focus on Jesus because it will be as if someone hit your reset button or turned the car in the right direction.

The hard part is staying on course, and daily mass, adoration, confession, &c. is responsible for that.

It is possible. If you do not believe me look at Opus Dei, the whole organization is pretty much laypersons who live in the world who’s focus is on Jesus.

Recommendation: Go on one retreat per year.

5. Communicate with family

Communicate with your family because they will appreciate it. They lived with you knowing exactly what you do almost every minute of your day, you can bump it down to what you’re doing today, but if you don’t want impromptu parental breakdowns on campus…I suggest you give them a call frequently.

Recommendations: Call your parents once a day, and call your extended family.

6. Be a friend

Being a true friend is important, because it allows you to be a peacemaker and to evangelize much better.

I am not saying you have to be mister or miss popular and although if you continue you will be popular, but the good popular where people are actually your friends. Not the fake popular where people are your friends for what you can do for them.

Being a friend plays into being a peacemaker and evangelizing. As well, one of your friends should be a priest.

Recommendations: Find a dozen friends that will keep help you spiritually.

Implement these six behaviors because you will be a more devout Catholic in school. Moreover, they will help you when you go into the ‘real world.’

I’d love to hear about your own behaviors that you think keep you devout in the comments.

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