7 Principals to Make Life Easier…for Everyone!

Your house

Keep it simple.

I always enjoy a good life hack, something I can do in order to make my life simpler and easier. The next few posts will be all about my life hacks that I am currently using now. However, the following are the seven S’s that keep my life easier/cost less.

7 S’s

  1. Sort/segregate: When in doubt, throw it out. If you find that cluttered is a good way to describe your day and you find it difficult to get things done during the day, you are likely doing something that you should remove. In addition, if it does you can put it back in there. This goes for stuff around your residence, if you have no clue what the one flip-flop is for, toss it (donate it preferably). If you need flip-flops for some reason, you can get you some.
  2. Simplify/straighten: If you make your processes quicker more time can be spent on ‘leisure’ activities. Do you do one chore on one side of the house, then go to another side of the house for another only to come back to do a few more chores on the first side of the house?
  3. Shine/sweep: If you clean daily, life will be easier and less time will be spent. It is easier to clean for 15 minutes a day then to muster up the courage to spring clean for two weeks.
  4. Standardize: You know how old people do something the same way and will not change? Probably because they know what works best (or so they think). Do things the same way so errors happen less (like doing homework the same way…read all the questions and guidelines, then read, then answer).
  5. Sustain/self-discipline: Do not be as old people, if you find and easier way to do something, do it. Standardize it (even write it down) and stick to that until you think something else comes along better and test it out. If it makes it easier, stick with it. If not, throw it out and go back to the old plan.
  6. Safety: Get a first-aid kit and know how to use it. As well, learn the proper way to turn on your heater, cut meat, &c. If you make sure you know how to do it safely before you do it, whatever you do will be done properly and without much error.
  7. Support/maintenance: If you maintain your home and car, you will not run into a flat tire in the cold or an A/C that does not work in the middle of July because you could not be bothered to have it checked regularly.

Keep It Simple Stupid

There is nothing worse than clutter. If you keep all seven of these principles, your life will be clutter free and will allow you to move fast (or slow, if that’s your preference) without unnecessary baggage.

If you have any questions or comment, please leave it down in the comment section. Thank you.


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