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This blog will cover a variety of issues. The main issue is going to school. I am aware there are better people to do this than I am and where they are superior; I will point out their superiority. That is if I know them, and if you know someone that is better than I am at something, please let me know so I can learn from them as well. After all, that is what school is for?

I am not only writing about school, but also school for Catholics. I have been confirmed since Easter 2010, and I have experienced the treatment Catholics receive in higher education institutes since fall 2008 (when I came to school). I know what it feels like to wonder how to be Catholic while going to school. Sometimes it is lonely, and sometimes you just want to quit. However, we are Catholics…we already have given up, now we just need to learn how to do it right. Whatever it is you are having trouble with, there is an answer for it. We just have to find it.

IMG000055Some Stuff You Need To Know

Some stuff about me you should know. I became a Catholic a month and ten days after I was born. Fr. Pat, the Prefect of the Northern Arizona confirmed me Easter 2010. I am a raging maniac when it comes to KU basketball and I participate and train for sports year round from shot put and discus to Scotland Highland Games. When I first came to school, I did not know how to be Catholic, let alone go to school. I learned so much after starting school that I needed before I came to school.

As a finance and economics major, I do find business interesting. I guess that is my goal, to start up businesses in which I can keep my first priorities first: G-d and family. All while keeping my integrity.

This Blog is For You

I created this blog for you because…well I needed it. I needed to learn how to be a better student, catholic, friend, teacher, worker, and a dozen other things while being faithful to the Catholic Church. I did not have resources off hand on how to do this. I had to search it out, now I am answering my questions that my friends or others answered for me and compiling them here for others to find in one place where I wished I found it before.

What This Blog Does

This site will help you with going to school while being Catholic, from finding a school to going to school.

This blog will address different issues for you, some of the type of questions I had, I had answered, and will answer here:

  • What are the essentials of going to school as a Catholic?
  • How do I maintain the truth that I hold while going to school?
  • How do I socialize while being Catholic?

09GibbonsRoosevelt[1]These are general questions, and can go into nuanced questions from there. if you happen to have any questions that aren’t answered, let me know and if I don’t know, I’ll point you to a source that does and if I can, I will. 🙂

I will post three times a week: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. This might change over time; however, this is the schedule for now.

I invite you send me an e-mail or subscribe to my RSS. If you e-mail me, please do not be that one person to spam me and ruin it for everyone and I promise I will not spam you. If I don’t answer you within a day, don’t worry I’m not dead I just get over get slammed with personal e-mails (around 300 a day right now)…I know I need to cut down, but I can’t help it. I like people too much.

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